Twenty Questions and a Moose

One. More. Sleep.

Johnny and I are ready! Johnny Moose has been travelling with me since my trip to Europe in 2015. He was named by the children I cared for at the daycare in Minnedosa and I don’t travel anywhere without him now, he’s been to 13 countries so far.

Johnny in Paris
Johnny in Amsterdam
Johnny at Stonehenge
Johnny in Thailand

It’s safe to say I’m maybe a little excited now. I managed to fit everything in my backpack with space to spare. My passport is ready, visa purchased and first few nights accommodation booked.

Bags are Packed!

The Officers are off on holiday too and I decided to get each of the kids a travel journal of their own to write, draw and keep their memories in. I always try to keep a travel journal too so I thought it would be neat to share this with them! 

We have had many discussions since they recieved them about what they can write about or draw. They agreed it would be cool to have a list of questions to answer incase they didn’t know what to write about. I set out to make a list of 20 questions about their trip and I’m very excited to see their answers.

The best part? They decided to make me a list of my own! I’m very excited to answer the questions and complete all most of the tasks they’ve set for me!

  1. Take a picture of the biggest spider you see
  2. Take a picture of a kangaroo (I’m aiming for a selfie for this one! 😂)
  3. What was your favourite place? And describe it.
  4. Was it hot or cold?
  5. What was the hottest day? What was the temperature?
  6. Write about your favourite place you stayed and describe it.
  7. Take lots of pictures of lots of things and bring them home.
  8. Take lots of postcards home.
  9. Write stories of every town you visit in your diary.
  10. Touch a spider and what does it feel like? (Apparently I need a video of this one)
  11. What was your favourite meal?
  12. What was your favourite activity?
  13. What has been your least favourite activity or place?
  14. Take a picture of a beach you have been to and describe why it was special.
  15. Was the water hot or cold?
  16. Take a picture of a kookaburra
  17. What colour was the kookaburra?
  18. Video a kookaburra singing.
  19. Try a different food.
  20. What was 1 hostel that had a cool name?

Some will be easier than others but I’m always up for a challenge!


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