Centre Bush – Adelaide

Plane rides and airports are awesome because they get you where you want to go, but my day was far from exciting.

I was rudely awoken by my alarm clock. 6am is too early, even if it means I’m heading to the airport. 

Then I had a coffee, and all was well in the world again. 

I packed my bags into my “baby car” and hit the road, first stop Alexandra. Clare’s sister kindly offered to let me leave my car at her place and drove me to Queenstown. We met up with the Officers and had lunch before heading to the airport.

The Officers were travelling via Sydney and we discovered a month or so ago that we would be on the same plane. After checking in and receiving our boarding passes we discovered that my seat was in the row behind them. Too funny! 

We boarded the plane and off we went! I passed the time by watching the new Beauty and the Beast movie. It was great, but I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t watch A Dogs Purpose or Moana.. (Maybe next month ? ) after the flight I parted ways with the Officers and rushed off to catch my connecting flight.

After collecting my bags in Sydney I had to go through customs. (Note to self: customs declarations must be completed in blue or black pen.) After filling out my details again I rushed through customs, transferred to the domestic terminal via bus, bought some deodrant (packing fail!) and immediately boarded my plane.. nothing like the last minute!

A couple of hours later and I landed in Adelaide.

This was the first thing I saw upon entering the airport, and I love it! 

got a cheap shuttle to my hostel and legged it to the closest grocery store for essentials.. 2 minutes too late, it was closed. After convincing the security guard that I was only going to grab bread, peanut butter, coffee and tea she allowed me in and told me to be quick. 

I’m now writing this as I enjoy a cup of lemon and ginger tea, next destination? Bed. Zzzzz


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