Glenelg, Markets and some Jail Time

Yesterday began with a wonderful sleep in. After breakfast I headed to the tram stop and hopped aboard to head to Glenelg. Due to a broken down tram the line stopped 4 stations earlier than I planned to hop off, but it instead stopped infront of a Telstra store – perfect, I can quickly get my phone set up I thought. (HA!) An hour of waiting later and I was headed to the beach!

The Jetty at Glenelg Beach

And what a beautiful beach it was! I spent some time wandering around the beach before heading to a little cafe called The Teahouse where I had a delicious lunch!

Pumpkin and Feta Quiche at The Teahouse

After lunch I hopped back on the tram and headed back into the city. Adelaide is known as the city of churches, and after just a day of exploring I can see why. There are so many churches and they are all beautifully built.

St. Francis Xavier’s Cathedral

After getting a bit lost geogaphically misplaced, I finally made it back to familiar ground and headed to Adelaide Central Market to grab some supplies for dinner; sausages, kuamara, broccoli and a bottle of wine! 

Today started out with a trip to jail. Adelaide Gaol was in use until 1988. Before the death penalty was abolished in South Australia in 1976 a total of 45 people were hanged at the Gaol. 44 men and 1 women. The story of Elizabeth Woolcock was a sad one and there are people today who believe she didn’t actually murder her husband and are trying to receive a pardon for her (it’s a little late now!)

Gaol Entrance
One of the Newest Cellblocks
The Hanging Room
Graves Markings in the Gaol.

After a grim morning hearing about murderers and hangings I headed to the State Library of South Australia (a tip from the lady working at the jail). It felt like I had walked into something straight out of Hogwarts! The library was opened in 1884 and the architecture was stunning!

The rest of the day was spent wandering and relaxing. I had dinner at the hostel BBQ, best $5 hostel dinner I’ve ever had!! I think I’ve fallen in love with Adelaide. 

Mall’s Balls at Rundle Mall


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