Chocolate and Wine.

The only thing better than chocolate and wine? Uhm.. pass?

On Thursday I took a trip to Haigh’s chocolates. It was a cool little visitor centre with some neat facts. The tour was short and sweet (pun intended) and involved free Chocolate! (Bonus!) 

I then checked out the Japanese gardens, walked through Rundle Mall and had a chill evening!

Probably the highlight of my time in Adelaide was my vineyard tour. This is the only excursion I prebooked and I’m so glad I did! I booked my tour through Groovy Grape Tours. After being picked up at 7:30am we headed to our first stop, The Rocking Horse. I’d never heard of this before and was slightly confused about what it was until we arrived..

Turns out it really was just a giant rocking horse. The world’s largest to be exact. It’s 60ft tall and weighs 25 tonnes. Super random!

Our next stop was the whispering wall. Completed in 1902 this dam has amazing acoustic abilities and things whispered at one end can clearly be heard at the other. Also super random!
Onto the wineries! The Barossa Valley is home to 150 wineries and 80 cellar doors. We stopped at 5! The Barossa Valley is quite beautiful and the fall colours were so pretty!

First stop..

Jacobs Creek was one of the main reasons I booked this tour! It’s a beautiful vineyard and visitor centre. We tried 5 of their wines and learned some of the history. There’s a tree at the centre that is about 200 years old. The roots of the tree travel under the visitor centre and down to the Creek, which we were told is quite some way. This tree has also seen the settlement of the Barossa Valley and is a pretty unique piece of history at Jacobs Creek. 

The wines were great and they may have swayed me to like red Wine!

The second stop of the day was Kies. It was a cute boutique winery but their wine wasn’t the greatest! 

After Kies we headed to Saltram. Their Reisling was delicious and their gourmet pizza lunch? Even better. Probably some of the best pizza I’ve had, ever! Apparently the place is haunted but I wasn’t convinced! We only got to try 2 of their wines which was a little disappointing, but lunch definitely made up for It!

Our 4th winery was Wolf Blass, after hearing about the awards they’ve won and all the hype about them I was actually quite disappointed. Not my thing at all! 

Last but definitely not least we visited Lambert Estate. This is a relatively new place and the owners are from the United States. Apparently this is their pre retirement project. The grounds were absolutely beautiful and the wine was delicious, especially they’re dessert wine. If I wasn’t travelling for the next 2 months I likely would have bought a couple of bottles!! The centre is run totally by solar panels and they collect rainwater to supply the visitor centre. All of the water that can be, is then recycled and used to water the vineyard so this is very cool. The owner also planned and designed the building himself !

So after a day of touring vineyards I have come to 2 conclusions

1. Wine is delicious, and I may be growing to like red wine. 🍷

2. I need to marry a man who is okay with my new plan to build a pre retirement vineyard estate in the Barossa Valley! 😂💑 (nevermind the man, I’ll do it myself!!)


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