The Great Ocean Road

My Great Ocean Road-Trip began on Sunday. I picked up my rental car (thanks for the wicked deal Hippie Camper) and hit the road! Driving out of Adelaide was a breeze, the roads were quiet and the city is simple to navigate, win #1! My rental car was a basically brand new Toyota Yaris with Bluetooth music hookup, win #2!

Sweet Little Ride!

The first leg of my journey wasn’t the most interesting but I did see 3 wild emu on the side of the road! (I pulled a total tourist move and stopped for pics!)

Then I ran into Larry the Lobster. Larry was condemned and almost murdered before his owners spent $52,013.98 to repair him.. I knew lobster was expensive but that’s just crazy!

Larry the Lobster

My first night was spent at an Air BnB called “Beds in Robe”, the owner Geoff was nice and I got a room to myself for the night, win #3!

After checking in I went to check out the sites in Robe, which include and are limited to, an Obelisk, Gaol Ruins, a lookout point and some beaches. I then took a wander down main street and got some groceries. A pretty chill and uneventful day.

Robe Obelisk

Day 2. Robe – Port Fairy.

My first stop of the day was Beachport. I wandered half way down their incredibly long jetty before turning back. (I thought I was going to blow away!!) My next stop was the Umpherston Sinkhole in Mt. Gambier. The sinkhole began as a cave and then the roof collapsed. James Umpherston turned the sinkhole into a garden in 1886, and it’s absolutely stunning.

The Umpherston Sinkhole

I then continued on to Portland. I stopped at Cape Nelson and had lunch at the lighthouse cafe and checked out the lighthouse.

Cape Nelson Lighthouse

After Cape Nelson I headed to Port Fairy but it was too early to check into my hostel. After checking put TripAdvisor I learned about a place called Tower Hill Reserve so off I went. Tower Hill is an inactive volcano and nature reserve. After chatting with the lady in the visitor centre I set off on a walk called “Journey to the last Volcano” awesome walk, however birkenstocks were not a good choice of footwear! The walk was beautiful and I saw lots of wallaby, 3 emus and a koala, so cool!! 

Beautiful Scenery on the Walk

Day 3. Port Fairy to Apollo Bay.

This stretch of the trip hit all the highlights of the great ocean road. Even on a dull and rainy day it was pretty spectacular. I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

The Grotto
London Bridge
Loch Ard Gorge
The 12 Apostles

After the 12 Apostles I saw a sign that said Chocolate, 10km. So I followed the sign and ended up at a little chocolate shop. All of the chocolates are made in store and they were yummy! (When isn’t chocolate yummy though, let’s be honest!)

GORGE Chocolates

This part of the trip was pretty amazing, but I think my favourite part of the day was Cape Otway Lighthouse. After paying $20 and checking out the lighthouse I was pretty disappointed that I had just spent $20. Then I headed to the Aboriginal Cultural Talking Hut for the 3 o’clock presentation. Turns out it was a quiet day and I was the only one there. I got talking to the aboriginal gentleman who runs this part of the park and I didn’t leave for an hour. This man had so many stories to tell and so much knowledge it was amazing. 

Cape Otway Lighthouse

No matter where I travel it baffles me what aboriginal cultures have had to endure. It also baffles me how similar their hardships have been. What it made me realize most though, is how little I know about the Aboriginal Canadians. It was really inspiring talking to this gentleman and he sent me on my way with some book suggestions to learn more about their history, so I picked up a copy of one today and it is my reading material for the week!

Dark Emu Black Seeds

Day 4. Apollo Bay – Melbourne.

Today was my final day with the car. After breakfast I headed to Mariners Lookout and went for a short but somewhat steep walk up a hill. The view was breathtaking. I’m so glad a random at the hostel the previous night told me about it. 

The View from Mariners Lookout

My next stop was Lorne where I grabbed a burger from The Bottle of Milk. I’d heard they had amazing burgers and it definitely wasn’t a disappointment. 

The B.O.M

After lunch it was time to head to Melbourne and drop off my rental car.

Note to self: never drive in Melbourne ever again.

After driving in circles, driving over the massive bridge 3 times, getting lost due to being in the wrong lanes and losing gps signal I finally made it to the drop off point. My nerves were shot and I am very glad I will never have to do it again. 

I’m so thankful that I decided to do The Great Ocean Road by car and it was an amazing experience! Now to spend a couple of days in Melbourne before deciding where to go next!

Great Ocean Road Arch

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