Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney

Well it’s been a busy week full of adventures! 

My Great Ocean Road-trip left me in Melbourne. I stayed at YHA Central which is in a sweet location for exploring the city! 

The first spot I checked out in Melbourne was Brighton Beach. After figuring out the trains and buying a MyKi card for $6 (What a ripoff, they’re free in Sydney!) I headed for the beach! 

There are 82 bathing boxes on Brighton Beach. All of the huts are the same as they were 100 years ago structurally, and none of them have electricity or water.

Each bathing box is different from the next and there’s some beautiful artwork on them. It was really cool to walk along looking at them!

The Australian Flag Bathing Box is Probably the Most Photographed
Life’s a Beach
Scottish Flag Bathing Box, a Personal Favourite!
Beautiful Detailed Painting

My next stop in Melbourne was the Melbourne Museum. There were some neat exhibits here and I also managed to stroke Question #1 off my list from the kids! “Take a picture of the biggest spider you see” (here’s hoping I don’t see any bigger ones!!)

Thank God it was Behind Glass!

After this I checked out some of Melbourne’s street art!

I had originally booked a bus from Melbourne to Albury, but after finding out the hostel was 5km from the bus stop I changed my mind. So instead I boarded the bus in Melbourne and 9 hours, 1, movie and 6 episodes of Grimm later I arrived in Canberra! (Netflix’s download option is the greatest thing!!)

Canberra is Australia’s capital city, and honestly not what you’d expect a capital to be. It was really quiet when I was there. It’s a beautiful city based around a lake. I spent Sunday walking around the city and walked about 12km in total. There is an International Flag Display which contains 96 flags. 

International Flag Walk

Just past this I came across the National Gallery of Australia’s Sculpture Garden. There were some really cool structures as well as some slightly creepy ones !

The gallery itself was huge and held some pretty amazing artwork, so I spent a good couple of hours wandering around and checking it out!

The sign for the above piece read

“A Manananggal is a mythical creature whose name is derived from the world tanggal meaning ‘to separate’. According to Filipino belief, the Manananggal detaches its torso from its lowrr bldu and is able to take flight. The Manananggal hunts during nocturnal hours with its favourite prey beimg the unborn children of pregnant women. In order to thwart a Manananggal one must spread salt or ash on the lower part of the body, thus preventing the rejoining of the torso and causing the death of the creature.”

It then goes on to describe how the artist designed this piece using the myth as a basis to describe the struggle of Filipino workers taking up long term employment overseas. The artist States “if it takes too long for them to return to their families, it is hard to mend the results of lost time, leading to broken relationships.”

Pretty intense!

After this I walked to the Sunday Market which was full of neat things including Scottish tablet! 

Tablet from the Market

Next morning I took the 1030am bus to Sydney. After checking into my awesome hostel Sydney Harbour YHA. The View from the rooftop of this hostel was unreal! 

The View from the Rooftop Balcony

My first day in Sydney I toured the opera house, which was very interesting! I then wandered around the Botanic Gardens and found Mrs McQuarries chair.

Mrs McQuarries Chair

After a nice afternoon siesta I headed back to the Opera House to catch the Cabaret Hot Brown Honey which was hilarious, inspiring and one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen!

The Cast of Hot Brown Honey

On my last day in Sydney I bought a hop on hop off bus pass and checked out the city a little more. I also headed out to Bondi Beach, it was pretty chilly but I chilled on the beach and watched surfers for a while and also checked out some of the street art!

I realize this has been a super long post and if you read all the way through Congrats, hope I didn’t bore you too much! 

So that’s the last week of my life in a nutshell!


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