The Beautiful Blue Mountains

On Thursday morning I boarded a train at Sydney Central and 2 hours later I arrived in Katoomba! 

After checking into my hostel (another bottom bunk, winning!) I decided to wander down to see the famous Three Sisters and the Jamison Valley.

The Three Sisters

The Three Sisters names are Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo. According to the legend they were members of the Katoomba tribe and fell in love with men from the neighbouring tribe. Marriage was forbidden and the men tried to capture the women. A big battle broke out and an elder turned the sisters to stone to protect them. Unfortunately this elder was killed in the battle and no one else could turn them back!

There’s an Aboriginal Center at Echo Point So I decided to go to one of their performances which was neat!

Katoomba Cascades

I then walked along the cliff trail towards Katoomba Cascades. Apparently there’s also Katoomba Falls but I didn’t make it that far before heading back to town as it was almost sun down! 

Mount Solitary in the Distance

The next day I decided to go exploring and do some bush walks! I started off by doing the trail to Laura Cascades which was pretty easy and absolutely beautiful!

Leura Cascades

After this I hiked down to the Pool of Siloam which was probably my favourite spot! It was so peacefully and a perfect place for a picnic! 

Pool of Siloam

I had been told the trail from the Pool of Siloam to Lyrebird Dell was really worth doing.. it was amazing and beautiful and I’m so glad I did it, but it was not easy! The trail was overgrown and washed out at parts which made it tough but ah well, worth it in the end!

Waterfall During the Hike to Lyrebird Dell

So after all this hiking I had worked up a bit of an appetite, and what better way to reward a day of hiking than cheesecake! (I’m on vacation, don’t judge me!) There’s a restaurant called The Gingerbread House in Katoomba and if any of you ever visit Katoomba you absolutely must go there. Best cheesecake I’ve ever had! 

The Gingerbread House
White Chocolate and Mascapone Cheesecake

After dinner I met a New Yorker in my dorm room who invited me out for a drink! So in true North American style we went on a Katoomba pub crawl which involved too many shots and left me feeling a little rough on Saturday!

Every year around winter solstice Katoomba has a Winter Magic Festival. Apparently it pulls in about 40,000 people! It’s kind of like fun fest on steroids (with a lot more hippies and some really cool costumes!) They close off main street and have all sorts of stalls and food trucks. It was really neat to wander around! They also had a parade which was cool.. see photos!

I spent the day checking out the entertainment! 

Sunday was my last day in the Blue Mountains and i had to check out of my hostel at 10am. I knew I didn’t want to be back in Sydney till the evening so I decided to do a tour at the Jenolan Caves. We boarded the bus at 1030am and drove 2 hours to get there. My cave tour didn’t start till 130pm so I had an hour and a half to spare. I decided to do the Blue Lake walk. Although I ran out of time and didn’t make it to the actual lake it was a beautiful walk along the river!

Walking along the Riverside

At 130 we started the cave tour. I did the Orient cave which is the most stunning cave I’ve ever been in (not that I’ve been in many!) The pictures don’t even do it justice. I’m so glad I decided to do this tour!

Formations inside the Orient Cave
So Many Cool Things to Look At

I boarded the 6:30pm train at Katoomba and 2 hours later arrived at Sydey Central. After getting totally confused and lost a very kind gentleman who works for the railway helped me to find where I needed to be to board the Greyhound.

Now I’m currently writing this on the Greyhound. I boarded at 10:30pm and we don’t arrive in Byron Bay until 11am. Once again I’m super grateful for Netflix, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep!


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