A Kayak, A Canoe and A Zoo

My first stop after the Blue Mountains was Byron Bay. 12 hours overnight on a Greyhound bus was not fun, but at least I saved on a Hostel! I arrived at around 11am and checked into my hostel. I had originally booked it for 1 night and I immediately booked 2 more! I love freedom like this while travelling and I’m not sure why I’ve never winged it like this before!

I arrived before my room was ready but the lovely staff let me shower and store by bag until check in time. Thank you YHA for being so wonderful!

Byron Bay is a beautiful little tourist town, or at least the area I was in anyway! It’s got such a laid back vibe! There was a deal at my hostel that you could save $19 to do a sea kayaking tour with dolphins.

Sign. Me. Up. 

So after freshening up it was lunch time and I was starving. I went for a wander to see what there was in the way of resteraunts and wandered right into The Northern. The bartender convinced me that their cider on tap was really good and so were their burgers. (Anyone who knows me will know this doesn’t take much convincing!) 

After lunch I got sucked into a travel agency. Don’t get me wrong the guy was very helpful, but I guess I didn’t make it clear enough in the beginning that I wouldn’t be booking anything through him. (I may have screened my calls for a couple of days after this!!) I did get some awesome tips and info though so I guess it wasn’t a total waste of time. By this time I was struggling to keep my eyes open so I had an afternoon siesta.

I spent Tuesday at the beach and by the pool. A much needed day of reading and relaxing. I also wandered around town and checked out the shops and also grabbed some groceries! Nothing too exciting really!

Wednesday morning I was picked up by Cape Byron Kayaks and we headed down to the beach. After getting kitted out and having a quick lesson in kayaking we hit the water! The ocean was like an oil painting and it was so calm which made for super easy paddling !

The Water was like an Oil Painting

We spent the morning paddling around and we were lucky enough to see some whales in the distance as well as a group of dolphins! Unfortunately 6 or 7 people got sea sick and had to head back. Luckily I wasn’t one of them! 

Having a Blast

Eventually it was time to head back in and we got to “surf” into shore on the waves which was sweet. Money well spent !

Watching for Whales and Dolphins

The afternoon was spent researching and planning the next week or so of my trip and spending a lot of money doing so!

I left Byron on Thursday and headed to Surfers Paradise. I arrived around 2 and headed down to the beach for a couple of hours. 

The Main Beach at Surfers Paradise

Unfortunately the hostel was pretty secluded so there wasn’t much in the way of supermarkets or anything close by sooo I decided to treat myself to a real meal (not pub food or takeaway!) There was a Hogs Breath Cafe next to my hostel so I decided to go there. It reminded me of Montana’s and it was delicious! 3 courses for $30 was waaaaaay too much food but delicious nonetheless!

I had a stopover in Brisbane before heading to Australia Zoo on Saturday.

Australia Zoo

Australia Zoo started out as a tiny reptile center opened by Steve Irwin’s parents. When he took over he and his wife Terri put every penny they earned into turning it into the zoo and rescue center it is today. It was crazy how Steve Irwin and his legacy lived on here. There were so many beautiful animals!

Lemur Chillin!

There are 13 lemurs, 10 of which were rescued from the States, they were very chill!

Selfie with a Kangaroo!

You can buy Roo Food for $2 and feed the kangaroos which of course I had to do! This also helped scratch #2 off of the list that the kids gave me!

Terri Irwin Feeding Monty the Croc

The noon hour show featured Terri and Robert Irwin (Steve’s wife and son!) It was cool to watch and quite entertaining!

Sleepy Koala

The greyhound picked up at the zoo and I carried on to Noosa Heads. The YHA here is in an amazing location and it’s in a heritage listed lodge which was really nice, except the stinky boys I had to share a dorm with (seriously guys, laundry is expensive but it’s a necessity!!!)

The Lodge had a meet and greet that involved a free glass of wine so of course I was there! I met a few girls and we decided to head out for drinks and ice cream!

Sunday began with a shuttle ride down to the jetty and an hour on a boat heading towards the everglades. We stopped at fog tree point where I hopped in a canoe and paddled 5km down the river towards lunch!

Paddling Down the River

Lunch was BBQ fish, salad, coleslaw, potato salad and sausages and it was delicious !! It was here that I found out there was a free spot in a canoe on the way back so I volunteered to take it and I am so glad I did!

The everglades were beautiful and so peaceful!

Relaxing Day

So after 10km of paddling I hopped back in the boat and we drove back to the jetty. I did a shared load of laundry with one of the girls I met the previous night and then we walked down for ice cream! I also got my first sunburn of the trip today! Oops!

It’s been a busy week and the next few aren’t going to be much different! Tomorrow I head to Fraser Island and next week will be the Whitsundays and Magnetic Island! So stoked!!


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