K’gari – Fraser Island

After a night in Hervey Bay I was picked up by a shuttle and taken to the Kingfisher Resort office and ferry terminal along with 2 other Canadian girls. We stopped off our bags and grabbed a coffee before hopping on the ferry to the island!

Boarding the Ferry

When we reached the other side we were met by Gary a.k.a Gaz and jumped aboard our sweet pink 4×4 bus! 

Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world. The island is 123km long and 22km at its widest point. The Butchulla people are the indigenous people of Fraser Island, their name for the island was K’gari, meaning paradise. (Perfect name!) In April of this year the traditional name was restored and the national park that covers most of the island is now known as K’gari.

The New Sign on the Island

Our first stop of the day was Lake McKenzie which is a perched lake, meaning it is only fed by rainwater and has no creeks or rivers feeding it. The lakes on Fraser Island have been able to form due to a layer of organic matter that has formed over the years and provided a seal for the water to lay on. Lake Mackenzie has beautiful white sand beaches and the water is crystal clear!

Lake McKenzie

We had lunch at the lake which included salads and buffet style sandwiches. We were also joined by a guana which was super cool!

A Guana!

After lunch we headed off and did a couple of bush walks! Our first walk took us to Basin Lake and then to Central Station. It was amazing to see how much can grow from sand. The trees here have evolved and use nutrients from the fungi to grow. The pictures don’t do it justice.

Enjoying the Hike
Mushrooms Everywhere
This Beautiful Vine is Actually Killing the Tree
Huge Trees Growing out of Sand

After our walks we had some cookies and coffee before heading down to the beach to watch the sunset. 

Beautiful Sunset

Dinner, drinks and drinking games were the perfect end to day 1!

Day 2 was an early start with everyone on the bus by 7:30am. We headed out and drove to the other side of the island to the national highway. 75 mile beach is a highway made entirely of sand. It was really cool to follow the highway right along the beach with the ocean on one side and Forrest on the other.

Halfway down the beach we stopped at some small planes and had the opportunity to go for a flight over the island. I’ve never been in a small plane before, or taken off and landed on a beach, but I’m so glad I did! 

The views were beautiful and we saw so many whales in the ocean migrating north and jumping in and out of the water !

The Plane
Lake McKenzie from Above
75 Mile Beach View

We continued along the beach highway to champagne pools where we spent an hour or so swimming and relaxing. Champagne pools were formed by volcanic rock and the aboriginal people used them as natural fish traps because the tide brings the fish in with it and leaves them behind when it goes out. There were lots of fish in the pools!

Champagne Pools

Next stop was lunch followed by a short walk to the top of Indian Head. From here we had an amazing view of the whales passing by as well as sharks and mantarays in the clear water below!

View from Indian head

After Indian Head we followed the highway back round to the SS Maheno shipwreck. The SS Maheno was built in 1905. It sailed between NZ and Aus before being commissioned as a hospital ship in WW1. It was sold to the Japanese in 1935 for scrap. The Japanese removed the propellers and began towing it to Japan. Due to a cyclone it didn’t make it and ended up on the coast of Fraser Island. This ship was huge and apparently 5 decks are buried in the sand! 

SS Maheno

After spending some time checking out the shipwreck we continued on to Eli Creek where we grabbed some tubes and went for a relaxing float!

Tubing down Eli Creek

We were dropped off at the main resort and hopped in the hot tub for a bit before dinner. Unfortunately for me I sprained my ankle pretty bad when we got back to our resort so spent the rest of the evening icing, elevating and swearing at my ankle. 

Our last morning involved a long hike which I had to skip due to the fact I could barely walk which I was extremely upset about. I stayed with Gaz and we met the group at the end of their walk. We then headed to Eurong beach resort where we had an amazing buffet lunch! After this we headed to Lake Birrabean where we inflated some stand up paddleboards and spent the afternoon relaxing and soaking up the last of this amazing island.

We boarded the ferry together and said goodbye to the beautiful Fraser Island.

The Final 9 and Gaz!

Fraser Island was amazing and Cool Dingo Tours did a fantastic job of arranging the trip. Nothing was too rushed, the food was delicious and it was a great experience!


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