Jumping from Planes

I woke up on Saturday to beautiful blue skies and no wind. I figured it was the perfect day to jump out of a plane.

I walked down to Skydive Airlie Beach and booked in for the 12 o’clock jump. 

I checked in and hopped in the van with a couple of locals who were jumping to celebrate a 30th birthday! We arrived at the airport and got suited up. The nerves still hasn’t kicked in and I was super excited!

There were 4 of us jumping tandem, and 3 solo jumps. We hopped in the plane and we were off. Just after take off I realized that I was closest to the door which meant that after the 3 solo jumpers, I was next. The nerves kicked in a bit at that point.

So Excited

Airlie Beach was hit pretty bad by Cyclone Debbie in March. The storm did $1.8 billion in damage and destroyed homes, businesses and so much more. With it, Debbie brought 220km/h winds which stripped the trees. They’ve done a great job of tidying up town but there are some buildings yet to reopen. From the plane you could really see the damage the cyclone did. Boats had been washed ashore and the trees were still somewhat bare and damaged.

Amazing Views

When we reached 14,000ft the door opened up and the 3 solo jumpers hopped out. Then I was sitting in the door of the plane and next thing I knew I was falling through the sky. The freefall was amazing and such a rush and then it was over.

I May Have Screamed a Bit

The parachute was up and we were floating through the sky. The views were unbelievable!

Loving Every Minute

The whole thing was over so quickly and as soon as I landed on solid ground I just wanted to do it all over again! Unfortunately I’m not rich so that couldn’t happen! 

Definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever done and I will for sure be doing it again!


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