Spank Me! is my favourite website when travelling. I knew I wanted to do a sailing trip in the Whitsundays but was torn on which one to do. BookMe decided for me when they had an awesome deal on the Spank Me cruise!

We boarded the boat around noon on Sunday and we were off! After a safety briefing and bed assignments we were all on the deck and got the sails up. I failed with pictures on the boat !

Our first stop was False Nara where we put on our snorkel gear and checked out the fish! I did a bit of snorkelling in Thailand when I was there but it definitely did not compare to this!

Fusilier Fish

Back on the boat we carried on to Hook Passage where we parked up for the night. We had beef, veggies and salad for dinner which Charlie (our host) prepared and cooked in a kitchen the size of a bathroom stall!

We had an early start the next morning and apparently I managed to sleep through everyone getting up and most of breakfast. Thanks Sanne for waking me up just in time! We sailed on to Whitsundays Island which is home to the beautiful Whitehaven Beach.

We anchored at Tongue Bay and after a quick walk up the hill we had stunning views of Whitehaven Beach.

Whitehaven Beach Viewpoint

Because we arrived so early there was no one in the beach, it was a pretty spectacular sight. I now fully understand why this is one of the most photographed beaches!

We relaxed on the beach and wandered around for a bit before heading back to the boat.

“Driftwood” on Whitehaven Beach

Next stop? Luncheon Bay. Probably one of my favourite snorkelling spots in the world so far. Here we met George. George is a huge Maori Wrasse and he’s pretty well known to the sailing groups who frequent the Whitsundays. He was huge and super friendly, swimming between us and enjoying some treats fed by our snorkel guide.


As well as George there were so many other fish at this spot, it’s safe to say I didn’t want to leave the water!

So Many Beautiful Fish

Back aboard the boat we sailed on to Butterfly Bay where we got to check out some beautiful coral. Due to the Cyclone that hit Airlie Beach and the Whitsundays, a lot of the coral is ruined and dead which was really sad to witness. There were still some lovely spots though!

Some of the Deaf Coral, Some still Alive

We anchored down at Stonehaven for the night and enjoyed some delicious spaghetti for dinner followed by a few drinks and an early night! At 7am the next morning we were in the water snorkelling. Supposedly the spot we had arrived at was popular for turtles but we didn’t see any. Maybe that was just the crews way of getting us all up and awake early!

Loving Every Minute!

The last morning was spent packing our things and I may have had a nap as well! We arrived back in Airlie Beach around lunch time and I headed back to my hostel and had what felt like the greatest and longest shower of my life! 

That night we headed out to Beaches bar for our after party, which involved a lot of free booze. It was also ladies night so we got 5 free glasses of champagne! 

Ladies Night!

This was all grand until I had to catch a bus the next day…….


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